Training your dog is one of the most important things you do as a pet parent. Teaching puppies not to jump, how to hold their bladder, and where they can and can’t sit is crucial to developing happy, healthy adult dogs. Many dog owners use training collars as tools to curb bad habits. Some emit sounds or vibrations to divert your dog’s attention away from a naughty activity. Others are designed to create resistance if your dog moves in a certain way. Some use electric or static shocks to halt the behavior. Training collars are not miracle solutions and they won’t work without your diligence and dedication to a consistent training regimen. But, they can definitely help if you’re stuck. Best Dog Training Collars & How to Use Them Safely details are given below:

The Best Dog Training Collars at a Glance

1. Educator E-Collar

Collar Pros: Lock feature, hypoallergenic contact points, customization options, multi-dog capabilities

Cons: Unclear definition of shock vs. tapping, expensive

Educator E-Collar users love it and praise its customization options. There are more than 100 unique levels of stimulation, including vibration, sound, and what the company calls “tapping.” Some users insist the tapping is the same as a shock, while others say it’s less intense than other shock collars. An ergonomically designed remote with an LED screen makes it easy for humans to use. This collar’s range is a half mile from the remote and comes with six different contact points in various lengths.

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  1. PetSafe 900 Yard Remote Training Collar

Pros: Rechargeable via USB, long battery life, sleek design, keypad locks

Cons: Shock capabilities

With over 5,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, the PetSafe 900 Yard Remote Training Collar must be onto something. We love that a single remote can connect to two collars, making it an ideal option for multi-dog households. The collar adjusts to fit necks between six and 27 inches, too! There are 16 shock settings, plus sound and vibration options. We like that the metal prongs have silicone covers to prevent excess skin irritation.

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  1. SportDOG Brand SportTrainer 1275 Remote Trainer

Pros: Long range, lightweight, one remote can connect to three collars, waterproof collar

Cons: Shock capabilities with no locking feature, pricier than many models

Dogs who have work to do and need to train quickly in the field can benefit from this collar, built specifically with outdoor sporting dogs in mind. This is SportDOG’s most popular training collar model. It’s also their lightest and smallest, making your dog more comfortable. Choose between sound, vibration, and static shock (there are 21 different levels). The remote-to-collar range is 500 yards and a two-hour charge gets you 50 to 70 hours of activity.

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  1. PetSpy P620B Dog Training Shock Collar

Pros: Fun design, made specifically for small breeds, reflective collar strap for nighttime

Cons: Shock capabilities, metal progs without guards

Advertised as the “smallest dog shock collar in the world,” the

PetSpy P620B Dog Training Shock Collar certainly is tiny! Though manufactured specifically to deliver smaller shocks to teeny pups, some shock settings may be too intense for your dog, so begin with the sound and vibration modes first. (eXuby also recommends testing the shock setting on yourself first, to gauge strength.) Use the remote up to 1,000 feet away and read the mode and settings on its large display.

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  1. Link GPS Dog Tracker + Activity Monitor

Pros: Shock-free, the device works with any collar

Cons: Need to download an app and use your phone during training, pricey

While the primary goal of Link My Pet’s activity tracker is to keep an eye on your dog’s whereabouts and wellness via GPS, the app also offers training tools. During training sessions, users can remotely control the collar to give off sounds or vibrations. There’s also a YouTube channel to access with tutorials and tips. The link will send temperature alerts to you if your pup is overheating and location alerts if your pup wanders outside a programmed boundary.

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  1. Pet Safe Gentle Leader Head collar

Pros: Tech-less, wide size range available, shock-free, budget-friendly, ethical

Cons: Stubborn dogs may find a way to remove it, may be confusing to put it on

This leader head collar was designed by trainers specifically to deter strong-willed dogs from veering off-course during walks. This is not a muzzle – your dog can still drink, eat and play fetch while wearing it. While walking, if your pup tries to pull you, the collar puts pressure on the back of the neck (not the throat, as a normal collar would) to divert the dog’s pull back to you. The manufacturer recommends using this leader in short spurts to get your dog acclimated

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  1. Pet Safe Adjustable Martingale Collar

Pros: Budget-friendly, ethical, safe

Cons: No remote control capability

As recommended by Gillihan, this martingale collar tightens when your dog pulls on the leash. It’s a great solution for dogs while leash training or who tend to pull. It comes in a variety of sizes and four bright colors. The security of the collar’s design also ensures your dog can’t wriggle free from it, which is good news for stubborn pups still learning how to walk with their humans.

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Conclusion: You can train your pet dog using these Best Dog Training Collars & How to Use Them Safely. Here are some steps you can take to keep your pet healthy.


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